Wednesday 13th December 2017


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Main Room


08:30 - 09:00

Welcome and keynotes

09:00 - 10:20

DP700-Phase 1 Preparation for Commercial Demonstration of 700oC Power Plant 25 Mins

by: Peter Barnard (Doosan Babcock Ltd)

United States Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Component Test Facility for 760°C Steam Power Plants 25 Mins

by: Horst Hack (Electric Power Research Institute)

Coffee break

10:20 - 10:40

DP700 1

10:40 - 12:20

Theoretical and practical residual stress analyses of nickel Waterwall Panel Welds 20 Mins

by: André Hälsig (Technical University Chemnitz)

Creep-fatigue design for power plants 20 Mins

by: Rami Pohja (VTT)

DP700-Phase 1 Design by Analysis as Applied to 700C Power Plant 20 Mins

by: David Anderson (Doosan Babcock)

Guidelines for Dealing with Plasticity Associated with Cyclic Operation 20 Mins

by: Stefan Linn (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt)


12:20 - 13:20

International AUSC materials research

13:20 - 15:10

Indian AUSC Programme 20 Mins


Next stage of A-USC boiler development– Life evaluation and new material development – 20 Mins

by: Keiji Kubushiro (IHI Corporation)

The technology development of high efficiency 700ᵒC class steam turbine 20 Mins

by: xin wang (Dongfang Turbine Co.Ltd. )

Creep damage behaviour of 23Cr-45Ni-6W alloy thick welding component 20 Mins

by: Keita Hashimoto (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

A-USC Valve Development Program 20 Mins

by: Fadila Khelfaoui (Velan)

Coffee break

15:10 - 15:30

DP700 2

15:30 - 17:00

Fireside Corrosion and Steam Oxidation in Superheater / Reheater Tubes for Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Power Systems 20 Mins

by: Nigel Simms (Cranfield University)

Inspection of a 700°C power plant 20 Mins

by: Arthur Stam (DEKRA)

Understanding microstructural evolution of Ni alloys during service and its effects on long-term properties 20 Mins

by: Oriana Tassa (Rina Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali Spa)

Collation of Existing Knowledge of materials used in A-HSC power plants 20 Mins

by: Mohammad Reza Ahmadi (Technical University of Graz)


Thank you for a successful workshop! 

The presentations will be available for download very soon.